Commit 3b337f1b authored by Matthieu Moy's avatar Matthieu Moy
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Tweak skeleton

parent a95f99cf
......@@ -28,32 +28,32 @@ antlr $(PACKAGE).g4
main-deps: TP03/ TP03/
.PHONY: tests tests-interpret tests-codegen tests-regalloc clean clean-tests tar
.PHONY: tests tests-interpret tests-codegen tests-regalloc clean clean-tests tar antlr
tests: tests-pyright tests-interpret tests-codegen tests-regalloc
tests: tests-interpret tests-codegen tests-regalloc
tests-pyright: antlr
pyright .
tests-interpret: main-deps
tests-interpret: tests-pyright main-deps
python3 -m pytest $(PYTEST_BASE_OPTS) $(PYTEST_OPTS)
# Test for naive allocator (also runs test_expect to check // EXPECTED directives):
tests-naive: antlr
tests-naive: tests-pyright antlr
python3 -m pytest $(PYTEST_BASE_OPTS) $(PYTEST_OPTS) ./ -k 'naive or expect'
# Test for all but the smart allocator, i.e. everything that lab4 should pass:
tests-notsmart: antlr
tests-notsmart: tests-pyright antlr
python3 -m pytest $(PYTEST_BASE_OPTS) $(PYTEST_OPTS) ./ -k 'not smart'
# Test just the smart allocation (quicker than tests)
tests-smart: antlr
tests-smart: tests-pyright antlr
python3 -m pytest $(PYTEST_BASE_OPTS) $(PYTEST_OPTS) ./ -k 'smart'
# Complete testsuite (should pass for lab5):
tests-codegen: antlr
tests-codegen: tests-pyright antlr
python3 -m pytest $(PYTEST_BASE_OPTS) $(PYTEST_OPTS) ./
tar: clean
......@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@ class Allocator():
def __init__(self, function):
self._function_code = function
def prepare(self):
def prepare(self): # pragma: nocover
def rewriteCode(self, listcode):
def rewriteCode(self, listcode): # pragma: nocover
def run(self):
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